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⬆️ Improving your Press, 🤝Drop-In Update,

& More!

July 2022 Monthly Curl:


⬆️ Improve Your Press:

In this short 3 minute video, I'll go over a quick tip that can not only reduce the risk of shoulder injury, but increase your efficiency with chest and bench pressing! It may be a que you have heard me use in the past, but having a clear visual can go far in improving overall form! We hope you enjoy!


🤝Friend Drop-In Update:

Got a friend that's hesitant to try something new? Bring a friend to class for just $5! Currently, for new members, a drop in class is $10. However, for any existing member, using the link below, you can now invite a friend for $5! After the sign up, it will direct them to sign up for a class online, meaning the app download is not necessary (easier for them!). Feel free to send this to anyone who may be interested in checking out a class!


💯Fit Force Scores: Updated!

Below is our most recent Fit Force Scores!


🔥On-Demand: Monthly Reset

Your brand new on-demand workouts are now available! Each month, you will get access to 2 unique online workouts. These can be done anytime throughout the month, absolutely free to all LWStrength Members. Miss class? Here is a great option!



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