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⏱️Class Times, 🔎Member Portal,

🙌& More!


🆕Class Time Trial Period:

New weekday morning class times are being tested (7am - 9:30am)! Head on over to the member app to check out 3 new morning slots, now open for reservations! It is our ongoing commitment to do the best we can to serve all of our members. Keep crushing those classes!


🔎Member Portal:

Coming soon to the member portal, Form Focus! These short 2-3 minute segments will hone in on one specific exercise, giving you a complete breakdown of the correct form. Including starting position, common mistakes, and optional modifications! You can expect to see some of these videos within the next few weeks. Starting with KSwings, MSlams, and so on. Use these as great refreshers, or to better understand a move you have yet to perform.


💯Fit Force Scores: Updated!

Below are our most recent Fit Force Scores! For each class you take, you earn a point! Can't see your name? In order to show up on the monthly statistics chart, members must have acquired a minimum of 10 points. Good Luck!



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