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💵Strength Pay, 🏋️New Equipment,

🙌& More!

*Not a reader? This video covers it all!*

🏋️New Equipment:

What a surprise, right? We've got new equipment in the club, and lots of it!

- More weight plates for your gains

- The complete BOOTY BUILDING BUNDLE (Thruster Pads, Elevation blocks, Strength Bench)

- More Kettlebells (No more hunting for the next 15 or 20)

- And a complete wall of new plyo boxes! Get ready for some fun with those.


💵Introducting Strength Pay:

Ever connected your account to apps like Cashapp or Venmo? Chances are you used a service called Plaid to do so! We've partnered with Plaid (the leading financial connection service) to introduce a new way of membership payments. With "Strength Pay," connect your account and gain instant access to the perks below.

What is the reason for "Strength Pay"?

"Strength Pay" allows our gym to save, on average, over $3,000 per year in credit card processing fees. By enrolling for free, you help us re-invest that lost income into the gym!

*Strength Pay ACH allows for credit card backup: Non-sufficient funds (with credit card backup)= $2 Fee -

Non-sufficient fund (without credit card backup)= $8 Fee


💯Fit Force Scores: Updated!

Below are our most recent Fit Force Scores! For each class you take, you earn a point!



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