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⏱️Class Times, 🏃‍♀️Warmup Stretches,

🙌& More!

⏱️Class Times:

To better manage larger classes and allow for smaller class times to grow, we have made some adjustments to our evening class lineup.

Starting Monday, January 23rd, we will now offer 4pm classes Monday through Thursday. Adding 2 additional 4pm slots to our weekly lineup (previously only on Tuesday and Thursday).

Starting Monday, January 30th, we will now only offer our 6:30pm class time on Monday and Wednesday. Removing the class time from Tuesday and Thursday, our least busy class time.

I apologize for any inconvenience removal of classes may cause. Please know this is just one step of many with the main goal to make our schedule more accessible to our community as a whole.

*Unless Stated Above, No Other Changes To Evening Classes Have Been Made*


🏃‍♀️Warmup Stretches:

Static stretching (still stretching after class) using our stretch timers (available next to our check-in tablet), and our online stretch timer of the same premise, has become a habit for many. But one area that may be lacking especially with our more high-intensity classes like Power Hour and Rope Hiit, is dynamic stretching. Which can be just as important.

Dynamic stretching gets the body primed for high-intensity movements and can play a helpful part in managing current injuries, or avoiding unnecessary new ones. Coming up, certain classes will now allot time prior to our warmup for dynamic stretch time.



💯Fit Force Scores: Updated!

Below are our most recent Fit Force Scores! For each class you take, you earn a point!



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