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⏱️Class Times, 🏃‍♀️Warmup Stretches,

🙌& More!

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🆕New Equipment For Your Arsenal:

A new month brings new equipment upgrades to LWStrength! To start things off, we’ve upgraded our entire med ball section. No more med ball pancakes! For those of you who have used our tire-textured 15lb med balls, these will have the same texture. Have fair skin? Feel free to snag some lifting gloves for the gym, and you should be ready to rock.

In addition to the med ball upgrade. We’ve added another 35lb barbell to our collection to keep pairing up in bootcamps as simple as possible. You no longer need to choose from a heavier or lighter bar. Just add or take away a plate and raise the roof!


💪Lifting Progress:

“What weight do I normally do?”

This is something you may ask when deadlifting, benching, etc. But now, add your weight to the numbers whiteboard, and you can easily start off where you know you can manage. Remember, at LWStrength, we do not program 1 rep maxes (lifting the most you possibly can for 1 rep). This is unnecessary to your progress and can be dangerous. These numbers will not reflect max weights but manageable weights you can return to in class.


🤔Knowledge Portal:

If you’ve ever asked me about a stretch, you’ll know that after working out, a stretch should be held for 1 full minute to see true benefits. If you’ve never used our physical stretch timers (near our check-in tablet), we now have the same stretch time located at the top of our end class screen. This timer will show seconds and ring at the end exactly the same as our physical timer does. Allowing you to hop into a stretch without an excuse.

Along with that, our online stretch timer has received some extra updates as well. Along with our stretch timer and stretch knowledge base, you can now view online workouts, educational videos, and blog posts directly from the same page! We will continually be updating this page to serve our members better.

Feel free to give it a look.


💯Fit Force Scores: Updated!

Below are our most recent Fit Force Scores! For each class you take, you earn a point!



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