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Stability Gains🧘, Progress+📊 & More!

Not A Reader? This Video Covers It!


🧘All About Stability / Some Changes:

This past month, we've made some big gains with stability as a club! To start, we introduced a brand new barbell to your arsenal, challenging body parts like never before. If you've yet to get the chance to try it, you'll be seeing it in more classes coming up! The bamboo barbell is specifically designed to challenge your stabilizer muscles and improve overall strength and coordination.

Along with that, you guys showed up big time for our first grip sock batch completely selling out our small sizes order, and making a significant dent in our medium sizes order. Thank you! We will be stocking a new batch this month with plans to keep these readily available in club.

Finally, I plan on implementing a change, club wide, starting September 1st 2024 (4 months from now). By this date, the club will be transitioning to a no-shoes club. I understand this will raise concerns and potential frustration with some members, but it is my job as a coach and gym owner to foster the most safe and result-forward environment I can. There is no way I can see a path forward with that mission without this implementation.

I have considered the potential challenges and objections that may arise from this change, but after thorough research, examination with current members and personal training clients (who have all been required to be barefoot for months now), I am confident that going shoe-less in our club will not only improve the overall safety of our members but also enhance the overall workout performance.

I will be providing education and support to help members adjust to this new policy throughout the following months, as well as offering a free 30 minute sit-down with any member who has concerns about this change and want's more personalized help with transitioning. I believe that this change will ultimately benefit everyone in the long run and I am committed to ensuring a smooth transition for all members.

More information to come.


Coming to the club soon, Progress+ will be an interactive program to address fitness based goals and challenges on a more 1-1 level. Group fitness can only address your specific needs to a certain level. This program will help bridge the gap that is missing with purely group fitness members. Examples of goals could be: gaining stamina during cardio classes, building postural strength, increase weight of (x) move, etc. More information on what is included along with pricing will be coming next month.

In addition to Progress+, mid July early August, we are set on releasing a nutritional program. These two programs can, but do not have to be, bundled. Again, more information on this in the coming months.


✅Thank You To Our Strength Pay Supporters!


💯Fit Force Scores: Updated!

Below are our most recent Fit Force Scores! For each class you take, you earn a point! Can't see your name? In order to show up on the monthly statistics chart, members must have acquired a minimum of 10 points. Good Luck!



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