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⏲️Site Updates, 🏋️New Equipment,

🙌& More!

*Not a reader? This video covers it all!*

⏲️New Site Updates:

As you know, consistent stretching, paired with your strength training, is an extremely important habit to build in order to properly recover, and feel your best self! We've put together this super simple, stretch timer, that is specifically designed to aid in building that habit! Along with that, we will continue to add to our brand new stretch catalog, where you can find helping stretches to body categories like; hips, back, shoulders, and more!


🏋️New Equipment:

PULL, PULL, PULL! We've got 2 new CablePro's to add even more variety to your strength training classes! These can be used for a vast amount of exercises not just limited

to the upper body. I'm super excited to give these a go with you guys.


💯Fit Force Scores: Updated!

Below is our most recent Fit Force Scores! For each class you take, you earn a point!



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