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💪Performance Bottles, 🤳Social App, & More!

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💪Next Level Hydration!

New LWStrength Performance Bottles are now available! Using leak-proof technology and a wide-width straw, it's easier than ever to get the right amount of water every time. As summer approaches, staying hydrated has never been more crucial. Take the challenge to increase your water intake with the LWStrength Performance Bottle. The Camelbak brand you know and love is now repping LWStrength. Grab yours today in-club for $25!

*Name Badges Included on the back of each bottle!*


🤳Member App Updates!

Our member app update feed is now live! This is a new way for us to easily communicate information with all members in an app that used weekly by all members! In this tab you will see things like class and schedule updates, monthly newsletter alerts, exercise form videos, and more! This tab allows you as a member to post aswell. We ask that if you do post, topics remain fitness and LW related. Think accountability, engagement with other members, and posting if you had a super active day outside the gym! Posts pertaining to personal information like credit cards, memberships, and things of that nature should be directly sent to myself via email or phone so that it can be handled appropriately. If you don’t see this new tab on your app yet, it can be activated by logging out, and back in to the app! (profile, log out, login).


💯Fit Force Scores: Updated!

Below is our most recent Fit Force Scores!


🔥On-Demand: Monthly Reset

Your brand new on-demand workouts are now available! Each month, you will get access to 2 unique online workouts. These can be done anytime throughout the month, absolutely free to all LWStrength Members. Miss class? Here is a great option!



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