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A new year is around the corner and many of us make resolutions that are hard to keep - how about we do things differently this time? Kick that resolution to the curb! Building and integrating new bite-sized habits as opposed to unrealistic resolutions is much more achievable! Habits are brain friendly, learned behaviors. They are in charge of 40-50% of our daily lives! Start off this new year by building a new habit. Start small, stay consistent, and you will thank yourself this time next year! Below are some quick example of bite-sized habits you can start today!

Increasing your daily water intake. You should try this if; you often feel like you have no energy, you constantly feel hungry, you are looking to lose some stubborn weight.

Commit to a workout schedule. You should try this if; You find yourself attending class less than you would like to be. Setting an intention for the number of classes you would like to take in any given week can prove to be beneficial. Tell yourself “This week I'll get 3.” No matter what time you attend class, make that week's mission to make time for 3 classes (Or whatever your class number goal is).

Go to bed 15-20 minutes early. You should try this if; you are overly exhausted in the morning, you are snoozing several times before waking, and you cannot fall asleep easily. (We know, 15-20 minutes is not a long time. But remember, we are looking for sustainable intentions. Asking you to go to bed a full hour earlier than usual is most likely unrealistic for most and would be an extreme change. Start small and build up if it works for you.)

Looking to start your workout journey this year? Head on over to to get started! Let's get you on a path to mental clarity and physical health!


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