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🚫Class Cancellations, 🔎Form Focus,

🙌& More!

Not a reader? This video covers it all!


🚫Planned Class Cancellations:

Hey team! This May, I will be going in for an operation for a deviated septum and will be closing down the studio from May 25th-31st. These cancellations will be reflected on the member app, and for personal training clients, I will be able to reschedule. I will also be sending out an email with some of our online content for those who would like to continue their training from home. If you would like to utilize free pause time during this gap and are enrolled in strength pay, please reach out prior to the 25th, and I can take care of that for you.


🔎Form Focus Now Available:

As mentioned in our last email, a new video series is heading to the member portal. Our first form focus is now out! These 2-5 minute videos will hone in on LWStrength's most common movements and provide a deep dive into technique and proper form. Our first video is all about the kettlebell swing, with many more to come!


Here are some other tidbits that happened last month!

  1. New thruster pads! Ever have a pad pop out while hip-thrusting? Our new thrust pads are not only more supportive but feature an increased bar fit to prevent slipups from happening! Thrust away and worry less about those pads!

2. Robots are taking over the studio floor! Along with our manual vacs and mopping, we've upgraded our nightly robot vac to keep things as you expect them, CLEAN!


✅Thank You To Our Strength Pay Supporters!


💯Fit Force Scores: Updated!

Below are our most recent Fit Force Scores! For each class you take, you earn a point! Can't see your name? In order to show up on the monthly statistics chart, members must have acquired a minimum of 10 points. Good Luck!



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