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We just wanted to take a moment to reach out to everyone and thank you for another great year of support and business. This year we faced many challenges in our own unique ways. One of those challenges being adapting to regulations and finding new ways to get our fitness needs achieved. For all of the members who have completed or are still completing our on-demand classes, or engaging in any form of fitness activity outside the club, fantastic work. We give kudos to you guys for never giving up on your goals, and doing whatever it takes to get in your workouts. For members who may have joined us this year, what a year to have joined! Even through a pandemic, you're taking action on your fitness goals and that is admirable. We look forward to showing you the variety of classes we are currently unable to achieve, once things get back to a state of normalcy.

As we move into 2021 we want to challenge you guys to change the way you think about resolutions. Some people set them, some don't. As a club, we are shifting away from resolutions, and moving towards setting intentions. Attainable, realistic, detailed intentions. They shouldn’t be super big intentions, and they don't need to be set for the entire year, they can even be 1-month intentions. But think of something you want to focus on this January and keep it fresh in your head. Staying motivated for a 1-month intention is much more realistic than setting a resolution for an entire 365 days. Not only that but if you start with something small, your changes will be much more sustainable in the long run.


Here are some great examples of one-month intentions. If they work out for you, they may end up as part of your daily routines. If not, don't beat yourself up. Giving it a shot is the first step in the process.

1. Intend on increasing your daily water intake. You should try this if; you often feel like you have no energy, you constantly feel hungry, you are looking to lose some stubborn weight.

2. Intend on going to bed 15-20 minutes early. You should try this if; you are overly exhausted in the morning, you are snoozing several times before waking, and you cannot fall asleep easily. (We know, 15-20 minutes is not a long time. But remember, we are looking for sustainable intentions. Asking you to go to bed a full hour earlier than usual is most likely unrealistic for most and would be an extreme change. Start small and build up if it works for you.)

3. Intend on working out more. You should try this if; You find yourself attending class less than you would like to be. Setting an intention for the number of classes you would like to take in any given week can prove to be beneficial. Tell yourself “This week I'll get 3.” No matter what time you attend class, make that week's mission to make time for 3 classes (Or whatever your class number goal is).

Those are just some general examples of simple, attainable, and realistic goals you can keep fresh in your mind. The last thing you want to do is make a crazy new years resolution and get demotivated once you find out that it simply isn't going to work out. Remember, we are here to help you. If you need help setting or achieving a goal. Primarily fitness related or not, talk to us! I am always happy to sit down with you and talk about solutions and strategies to tackle your next goal.

Cheers to an exciting new year! See everyone in class.


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