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🌲Hikes, 🔑Monthly Themes & More!


July 4th Classes Will Be Cancelled

July 21st 8am Class Will Be Cancelled


🌲Introducing the Activity Pass:

This month we’re excited to introduce a new aspect to staying active with the club. Introducing the Activity Pass! Starting July 1st, we will begin introducing extra events during the month as an added bonus to get your activity in, keep you motivated, and help shake up your normal routine!

Each month, we will aim to host 1-2 member hikes, starting at around 3-4 miles, and progressing as we gauge interest.

Along with hikes, open floor hours will be added on a monthly basis. These open floor hours will not be a set in stone addition to the schedule, but rather added on a per-month basis at set times. The times may change from time to time to allow for a greater chance for those who want to, to participate. Open floor is designed for those looking to complete programing at their own pace to do so, or to enjoy a session with a friend. I will always be at the club during these hours for safety and help answering questions, however these hours are not designed as a class or personal training replacement.

Finally, the Accountability Crew monthly class commitment challenges will be added as a part of Activity Pass.

As a one-time fee, each event will cost $10 to register. To register for any event offered on a monthly basis, Activity Pass will be offered at $15 per month. This will allow registration to all events during that month (along with being able to bring a friend free for hikes!). A full list of events can be found in the member app. Go to the class schedule, and on the top menu, click "events".

On a max of one time per month, a group fitness class may be cancelled due to a member hike.


🔑LWMonthly Themes:

In addition to our Activity Pass, Monthly Club Themes will be yet another way to introduce ways for you to challenge yourself and build progress in class.

Don't worry though, monthly themes will in no way change or impact the workout programing. For example a theme including cardio wouldn't include a month of more cardio, etc.

Instead, think of these themes as thinking points to remember during the month. We will use themes to highlight specific form, drive home a message, and keep members focused on specific goals or areas of improvement.

To start, this months theme is Pump Up Your Pushups

This theme is all on thinking further about your pushup form, check out the theme video!


✅Thank You To Our Strength Pay Supporters!


💯Fit Force Scores: Updated!

Below are our most recent Fit Force Scores! For each class you take, you earn a point! Can't see your name? In order to show up on the monthly statistics chart, members must have acquired a minimum of 10 points. Good Luck!



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